It starts with your idea. 

Plastic injection molding has countless applications, and is an extremely cost-effective means to produce parts and components in mass quantity. Contact us to discuss your concept, the intent of the part or component, and how many parts are needed.

SEA-LECT's experts in plastics will evaluate the intended use of the part, its special properties and other factors to determine the best type of materials to be used. We can also recommend changes that can save time, costs, and even improve the part's performance and function.

Using computer-assisted design software, we create an exact part file in 3D according to your specifications. Free file viewing software allows us to share all details with you and, if needed, incorporate any changes based on your feedback. The next step is the production of a rapid prototype of your part along with the best method to serve your needs. Most rapid prototypes are produced within 2 to 3 days.

SEA-LECT then determines the best production method for your part, based on the number of parts you need, the material and complexity of the component.


MOLDFLOW® | Plastic Injection Molding simulation

Engineers, Mold Makers and analysts use Moldflow® software for plastic injection molding simulation to improve plastic part designs, mold designs, and manufacturing processes. It is a valuable tool that aids decision making and helps to avoid expensive mistakes. As with all simulation software the results are not 100% accurate, but provide a number of benefits.

-        New part designs can be analyzed for manufacturability

-        Predicting molding machine requirements

-        Testing of mold design and optimization

-        Predicting process parameters

-        Part defect troubleshooting

Mold flow simulation software has become a lot more accurate and accessible than it used to be.  The cost for a mold flow analysis depends on the project and the desired level of detail. Please ask me for more information


Client Highlight: Eddyline Kayaks

We have greatly enjoyed our relationship with Eddyline, who we've worked with since 2003. During our first collaboration, we designed their new foot brace, building and paying for the molds. Eddyline bought as many of these braces as they could, and helped us to sell the foot brace to other kayak manufacturers in the country, to help cover the cost of the tooling. Working with Eddyline Kayaks opened the door to the kayak industry for us. The foot brace is now patented and is one of our signature paddle sports-related items.