At SEA-LECT, we love what pressure can do for our customers.

The plastic mold injection process is straightforward; polymers are heated, then forced into a mold cavity under extreme pressure–typically between 5,000 to 30,000 PSI–which forms the part. We apply this process in a number of ways, using customer specifications. Our specialized injection molding processes can be used to form a variety of products and parts, from single-cavity to complex multi-cavity, creating limitless options.

SEA-LECT's seasoned experts, with a combined 150 years of experience, evaluate the proper material to be used for each part. Recommendations are based on the customer's requirements for appearance, strength, dimensional stability and when appropriate, self-lubricating properties.

Does your job require more than basic injection molding?

SEA-LECT also specializes in engineered thermoplastics, fiber-reinforced thermoplastics, compostable, elastomers and over molding during which a core and skin are comprised of different material. In addition, we can mold metal inserts and components into a plastic part, use foaming agents and of course color concentrates.

SEA-LECT Designs rudder

SEA-LECT Designs rudder

There are countless applications for plastic injection molding, ranging from household products to aerospace components. From simple to complex, SEA-LECT remains at the forefront of exploring new methods and materials in injection molding such as bio-plastics and wood resin. We want our customer's parts and components to be the best in terms of quality and in value.

It all starts with your idea. For more information and a preliminary product evaluation, call 425-339-0288 or email us at