Featured Product - Fishing Pole Holder

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In the fall of 2016 we received the opportunity to Partner with our customer in the development, tooling, production and assembly of an innovative fishing rod holder.

Our customer had spent many months realizing their ideas and tweaking them through a large number of prototypes, we were there, from the start, consulting through part design, mold flow and tooling. They had included us from the inception of the project to warrant that every component was designed for manufacturing efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

Once the final files where approved, our mold maker went to work on a tight timeline. Due to our team effort and setting clear expectations we were able to meet every milestone, from first molded articles to final textured samples.

Once tooling was complete we swiftly inspected the molds and got them ready for pre-production ensuring part tolerance and fit met expectations for the 7 molded components creating the highest quality part. Once approved we swung into manufacturing ensuring a smooth production startup and delivery.

Our design team and production staff had developed lean assembly cells, taking the components from molding press to shipping box with the least amount of handling and time. Having said all that, let's go fishing!

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